mari watches later ~ 4

Today on Mari Watches Later: how not to survive an atomic attack, a little INXS, and a drag queen who is, legit, one of the most interesting human beings you will ever watch. SUBSCRIBE.

Warning Red (1956) opens on an ice cream shop, a Conelrad alert, and a very dismissive vendor. “A Conelrad alert? Whoever heard of that?” Her customer becomes the only thing not burning in a firestorm. Don’t worry, Man Who Reaches For His Hat Before He Catalogues His Injuries. Karen and Davy were making preparations to go down into the shelter. I’m sure they’re fine.

♥ Music time! Never Tear Us Apart by INXS has to be one of my favorite soulmate songs of all time.

♥ Kimberly Clark takes us on a grand tour of Where The Magic Happens. Y’all. Kimberly is THE BEST. Makeup vlog? Nonono, darlings, so much more! There is gender talk! There is anti-consumerism! There are tips and tricks for makeup storage (and I am so wishing I were handier because those DIY makeup drawer inserts are to DIE FOR).

I rave because this channel in general is worth the raves. SUBSCRIBE.


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