notes from a bujo: july

I discovered the need for some kind of planner way back in… at least October. I bought this clear binder, about A5 size, thinking “Yeah, I can rock this DIY thing.” And then I stopped. No idea what I was doing, no guidance. My friend Patrick was making it work, but he was using a system, and I wanted to go it alone! What was I thinking?

This month, the University of YouTube tossed me a lifeline in the form of a video about bullet journaling. Dude. DUDE. I did not pay enough attention when Patrick mentioned it, and how to do it, mostly I wasn’t sure it fit my needs. I knew I needed a weekly layout, at least, and I wasn’t sold on the tiny monthly layout (my monthly commitments do not fit on one page). Enter all the planner people and their plan-with-me videos. Oh, my. Oh, my oh my. You CAN do bullet journaling with weeklies and washi tape. You CAN get creative, and you CAN use whatever you find useful.

Things I’ve discovered:

♥ I am clearly not an inspirational person. CLEARLY. Which is why my super-utilitarian black gridded Moleskine now bears the (corrected!) Russian for “not my circus, not my monkeys” on its cover. Alexey tells me I’ve mimicked the old style very well — I like that! I have, on my personal wishlist, some fun stickers with sayings that don’t suck, for that white space I’d like to fill. Ye gods, but stickers cost money; good thing I fill lots of white space already!

♥ Washi tape covers a multitude of sins. Page trying to fall out because I took a page out that wasn’t working? Washi tape! Bad layout? Washi tape! Want my psychiatrist’s card in the back? Washi tape! You get the idea. Buuuuut…

♥ If something’s not working, I have the option of just leaving it be and not repeating it the next month. Easy-peasy!

♥ Things that are uber-migratable get sticky-noted. This includes layout ideas.

♥ I find I am actually doing better in terms of organization and productivity. I need to resist the urge to let the lists get long. If a day starts to look like, well, a list, I perceive it differently. But when it’s just a few goals, I can manage that. I must take the time to decide what’s ambitious and therefore rubbish and what’s actually doable. I must do it at the end of each day, so the next day won’t overwhelm me with that old high school feeling. (“Rise and shine! Here’s everything you failed to do yesterday…”)

♥ Bonus! If I keep doodling in here, I might improve my heraldic art skills.


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