notes from a #bujo: LATE july

It’s almost August, which means it’s time to plan a new month’s layouts. TIL: box cutters are also great, I need better monthly and weekly layouts, and I can do anything for two minutes at a time.

I am a snob about the contents of my notebooks. If I don’t want something in a notebook, I want it right back out. Enter the humble box cutter. That first failed monthly, and the weekly that followed? Gone. Shazam! I have also seen vloggers using box cutters on washi tape, which is a heck of a lot nicer than eyeballing where to cut, then getting it crooked.

I’d like to keep this as a memento, not just an organizational tool. I am collecting quotes. Everyone from A. Ham to my Twitter pal Sullie makes it in here, because awesome is awesome. I have wanted somewhere to store little memorable bits and bobs, like cards and old letters (I found one page of a longer note). With a little cardstock and a little washi, I can make a pocket for the bits. I can tack favorite greeting cards down on one side of a page. Having that box cutter handy, to get rid of extra pages that are no longer relevant, means I can make room for what I do want to keep!

(Pause while I turn down the YouTube.)

I made myself a wee washi pen holder, which is sticking so far, but I might have to redo that eventually. Eh.

I should probably put the ledger pages in the back, because I had one expense out of my own account in the piece of July I documented. One. It feels like a waste of a page and it will be out of there as soon as July ends. I will migrate the expense to a proper ledger page.

I love my little Habitron; I just need to figure out some way to alternate the columns (white/grey is popping to mind) and I want to rotate it sideways. I’ve toyed with different habits to track; it’s a combination to-do and habit tracker, really, because I’ll put boxes around target days for certain habits. When I knew I didn’t need to track something, such as blogging and tidying, I crossed that column out. I wasn’t afraid to add columns as the month progressed, either. Sometimes I found it difficult to connect day and row; when I highlighted out the previous day, and separated the days into weeks, this became easier.

I am keeping the sleep log where it is. After a rough start, I think I know what I’m doing with this. It’s as much a way to track when I’m sleeping as how long; “when” is the element keeping me from working outside the home at this point, and I need to show that my more-or-less natural “when” is not other people’s. The “how long” will allow me to average sleep totals, a statistic that can’t exactly hurt to present.

The other side is a Getting Things Done diagram which I’ve modded to include “break tasks into 2m bites” because let’s face it, “delegate or postpone” doesn’t help me get the longer tasks done. I don’t have very many people to which I can delegate, and postponement… you’ve never seen me postpone something until I can no longer ignore it, but I assure you it ain’t pretty. So. If I can’t get it done in two minutes, I need the reminder that I should see where I can break off some two-minute pieces and set those out as separate tasks.

I have a mail tracker and not very much mail. That’s staying where it is as well. The other side is a daily page. I’m more inclined to preserve dailies than weeklies right now — I guess I don’t like my current weekly at all! So I’ll be rethinking that. Maybe I’ll try a vertical layout. I like Pixel Pearls’ six-box layout, though I won’t have spaces between the boxes for lack of room. There will be room to track appointments and to-dos. I won’t clump my weeklies at the start, either. I’ll do them as I go. The monthly layout will be where I keep my appointments until the week I have them; the to-dos generally come up in dailies, and if it’s a to-do-on-X-date, again, the monthly will have room.

I have a College of Heralds section. It has too few ticky boxes! I need room for ALL the stages, from Proto-ILoI to LoAR. Having this section makes reporting to Kameshima-kyo a lot easier, because I can see what is done and what’s in the pipeline. I knocked out my quarterly report before War: yaaay! This layout made it possible.

So that’s where I’m at when it comes to my darling bullet journal. Oh — no, not entirely. 😀 I may have added a new quote to the back . . .



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