notes on a #bujo: august the first

I am all set up in my fresh new August layout.

♥ I’ve got my monthly going horizontal instead of in grid form, and I’ve split off appointments from tasks. Yay! I’ve left room for… something else, I don’t know what. Notes of some kind? Or current sizes? And there’s a menu planner which, of course, only has Taco Tuesday on it (jury currently out on Fish Friday and Chicken Weekend, but I’m thinking Wildcard Wednesday has a ring to it).

♥ My Habitron is sideways. It is also nice and boxy, with alternating blank and blue lines, so I can definitely see what I’m not doing. Alas, this leaves no room for notes like “Left the house today — BIG DEAL” so I will have to include those in the weeklies. Speaking of which, thanks, brain, now I know what you wanted to do: look up today’s actual temps and weather and check out tomorrow’s forecast.

♥ My box weeklies are so very empty, but there’s room for To Go and To Buy, as well as Ongoing, and that is lovely. I need to get braver about filling this stuff in! Yo, if I run out of room, that’s what next week’s weeklies are for. More room in different places. I can even try a whole new setup if I want. OMG.

I do like tracking forecast weather vs actual. I’ve been a weather nerd for years. All my favorite dreams are weather-related (I always used to dream I was watching the Weather Channel; I wish they had vintage Weather Channel videos out there). Quite apart from general nerditude, this stuff is useful if I’m writing contemporary fiction. Cough.

♥ I skipped ahead. I’m going to try the Declutter 365, taking it — of course — a week at a time. This week is shoes. Nice, easy jumping-off point. I have shoes to declutter. Mum probably has shoes to declutter. God knows Dad does. And none of us have very many, since I gave our shoes the KonMari treatment once.

But guys. August 7? There’s stuff for kids involved. I cannot declutter kid stuff for obvious reasons. Instead, “Declutter kids’ dress-up clothes” will have to become “Declutter garb”. This is a far more meaningful use of my time, plus I’ll have a bagful for when Katja gets home. Every time I see “kids” I should mentally insert “SCA”. I’ll have all my ducks in a row if I embrace that philosophy…

♥ My dailies are laughably short. I only want three or four to a page if I can help it, so… if I get four on a page and there’s white space, I need to look for a quote or Mod Podge something in place. Hopefully I’ll have stickers to pop in there soon, both deco and useful. Then again, I’m more likely to put stickers on my weeklies and journal in the blank spaces. Oh, boy.

♥ I am amassing collections. At some point I will finish this book, some point far in the future if July is anything to go by, and I will migrate various things into various other books. Quotes into a Commonplace Book, everyday life management stuff into a companion bujo or just the back of a new one. Some collections will start over, like things I want to write in a fantasy ‘verse, as I tick off what gets done. Some will be migrated as they are, like lists of which mailing lists go with which email addresses (bounces are tiresome). I may have to cut-and-tape my recipes. Or something. The Book Log will just be transferred to Goodreads as I finish the allotted space.

And since it’s late, and I want to have a day tomorrow, I’m probably for bed. Good niiiiiimorning? to you all.


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