notes from a #bujo: mari watched it later

Now, I love me a good Plan With Me video as much as any other planner girl. I watched a young woman do a layout using a sticker kit designed to give you the same artistic flair as whoever first came up with that layout idea. Although I wondered where creativity entered the equation, hey, if it gave that woman something pretty and functional to stare at for a week, more power to her.

I also had, in my Watch Later stash, a video I thought was another “I’m Ditching Erin Condren Because Customer Service/Product Sucked This Year” tale of woe. Yeah, not so much.

I guess there really is a specific Erin Condren ~type~ and Danielle felt she wasn’t it.

On the one hand, my mind is boggling because I have never before encountered the compulsion to explain why a product isn’t working for you. It’s like Erin Condren isn’t just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. It’s about more than keeping track of the things you do. Once you spend the roughly sixty bucks on your Life Planner, you’re going to want those sticker sets, baby. Otherwise those Plan With Me videos are going to get boring.

Danielle also realized she wasn’t a detailed plan-ahead kind of person. Neither am I, really. I keep my collections, I make sure I get to my appointments, I track what bills want paying and chores need doing. I feel absolutely no shame in crossing off social maybes. I was supposed to go into the city for a coffee-and-debate night but y’know, I get my fair share of debate on Facebook. I stayed home, I re(rererere)read Lady Knight by Tamora Pierce, and I played games on my phone with the CMA concert in the background. Also, I had pasta for supper. Two meals today, guys! Two!

What made me sad is that somehow Danielle interpreted this, verbally, as not having “the right kind of life” and my brain train came to a screeching halt. We’re talking cars piling up on cars, coal spilling everywhere. What? You have to have a special kind of life to use this planner? And yeah, she’s young, so? She goes on to say that something like this might help in school, which I can see. But when she talks about that life, she unwittingly describes this Dream American (Maybe Stay-At-Home) Mom world that is no longer the default.

Except among Life Planner users, apparently it is.

I haven’t seen any dad ECLP vloggers. I don’t think I’ve seen any childless or childfree ECLP vloggers. A few of them are racially diverse. If they’re disabled, this is not for public consumption — ha, oh, wow, what would they make of my “new bottle of Med X” notes? Would someone come up with a cane sticker or a pill bottle? I wonder if they’d freak if someone used a Little Things with a barbell on it for physiotherapy?

I admit to needing structure that Danielle doesn’t. That’s due to executive dysfunction and I love, love, LOVE Andrea Royalty for being an openly neurodivergent planner vlogger because she makes me feel less like a sore thumb stickin’ right out. So I use my Habitron, I give myself a few tasks at a time in my dailies, and I’m experimenting with wee memory notes in my weekly if I find myself with too much white space. I discovered how useful this could be last night, when I went rifling through past blog entries and other planners to figure out when I bought my Cavalier (answer: late April 2012, and also I now know when I worked for that one place whose name I still don’t remember).

My sticker and washi collection is smaller than Danielle’s, because yeah, I’m a get-it-on-sale kind of person. I’m not going to jump into buying things I might not even use. I found a great little tube of washi and I’m cutting out things to paste into my book using Mod Podge. That’s almost like a custom sticker, right? I mean, I could buy a sticker maker but Mod Podge is so cheap and easy. Please don’t make the obvious joke here. So. I’d like to look into some sticker sets, but if I don’t need a particular one, then I don’t need it and won’t bother with it.

If I want a tiny barbell for PT or a pill bottle, I can draw it. If I want color, a) I have washi, piss off and b) I also have markers and highlighters. August will get more colorful. Wait for it.

Danielle, if somehow you are reading this, come to the Dark Si– I mean try bullet journaling. You can keep track of whatever you want, and we don’t tend to be as culty about it. And if you don’t need a planner at all, dang, follow your arrow. I am thirty farking years old, I do not have an Erin Condren kind of life, and I’m pretty happy with that. ♥


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