notes from a #bujo: mod podge acquired

Yes. I have Mod Podge. I also have acetone in a little plastic tub with a lid, and two sizes of applicator paintbrushes. Now the fun REALLY begins.

You see, I don’t need stickers to have a good time decorating. I just need fun stuff. I kept a journal/scrapbook that got left with a former therapist (I should ask for it back sometime). Some of my favorite art projects are old scratched-up mix CDs decoupaged and painted up. I hang them on the wall.

So I’m saving my favorite snibbly bits to paste into my bullet journal. I can clip stamps off envelopes and paste them into this little fun book-on-a-cord, or use them as deco, whatever. I can make my own dang “full boxes” by doodling on construction paper and trimming to suit me.

Alexis (MissTrenchcoat) has a gorgeous lecture video on finding planner peace, and she mentions that there are roughly three categories of planner person. Some are in it for function, which I definitely am, otherwise I’d throw up my hands and wail because you cannot do glam planning on my budget. Some people are pretty planners, the ones who… have the budgets I honestly envy. 🙂 And some people are scrapbookers. And I kind of am. I like my planner to be functional, yes, but also a bit of an almanac and a bit of a collection of the pretty things I find. Just like that journal. If I don’t have pretty things to paste in, I doodle. I thought the past week’s spread was looking sad, so I drew some octofoils and some mums on green vines and stems in marker, then I outlined them haphazardly in pen. RESULT.


Time to go make actual use of my planner (empty pawprint: litter needs doing; full pawprint: litter got did). Uh, if anyone wants to take over the daunting task of calling First Pres on Main Street in Honeoye Falls w.r.t. SCA use, ping me…


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