notes on minimalising (so far)

Before we get started: Up for grabs, one mostly-full bottle of purple shampoo. Anyone need it? Yours for however much shipping ends up costing me, so… free to locals! 🙂

♥ Apparently I don’t have that much stuff? I mean, I’m watching these decluttering videos and holy smack, how does one person accumulate [insert quantity of item here]?! And it’s not just wonderment from the other side of some decluttering; I really never had massive stashes of makeup (not by YouTube standards). Also, living with a smallish closet has kept my clothes pretty manageable. I think everything I own could just as easily be folded and put in a dresser as hung — and one of my goals is to get a proper dresser for the foldables. I know some things need to stay hanging, but if I could free up some of the shelf space to store other things, like fabric and sewing supplies? Even, heck, the sewing machine I don’t use because I hate sewing machines? Oh my gosh.

♥ Stuff I do need to have, though: camisoles. Cheap little camis for underneath shirts. They’re tight enough to restrain Thing One and Thing Two. I count them sort of in between underwear and clothing. It’s the one concession I’ll make to fast fashion.

♥ It is okay to keep things that bring me joy, even if they’re unconventional things. Turns out that I’m capable of winnowing down a collection pretty well. I’m good at being sure of what I want to ditch — and just as good at being sure of what I want to keep.

♥ I don’t necessarily need it. (Thanks, Kimberly Clark.) I stopped myself today. I was about to make an impulse buy (“but shit, it was 99 cents”) when I asked myself exactly where I’d wear this item. Since I couldn’t come up with an answer that made sense to me, and the item didn’t sing to me, I thought, y’know, it might be a massive sale but I don’t need it. So later on I saw something that did sing to me, that fits the wardrobe I’m trying to put together, that I could definitely see myself wearing with stuff I own. Maybe it’s kismet: resist urge to buy what could be fast fashion, get rewarded with this awesomely versatile piece!

♥ Speaking of online shopping, I edited my “things i would wear” Pinterest board to reflect things I would actually like to wear. If I see something, I can pop it up there and keep the idea in the back of my mind until I’m ready to rotate it out or have tried it and flunked.


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