and teach them how to dance

Saturday morning chez moi: even on such a momentous one, laundry calls. I want to wear my clothes.

For all of you who are protesting, I wish you best of luck and utmost safety. I don’t trust crowds and I’ve heard too many protest horror stories, so the combination makes me a better “stay home and figure out quiet ways to support” person. Also, pain and fatigue get worse in the cold for me (found that out during Occupy). May your pussyhats keep you warm and cosy!

For all of you who would be out but are staying home like I am, chin up. Our day will come. We will be useful down the line. We can be useful today, surprising people with nice things when they get home, like hot cocoa or tea and soft fluffy warm blankets. If you are an emergency contact, you are important already where you are. If you’re a man, try some traditionally feminine tasks around the house; your marching woman might appreciate it, plus you’ll be helping bring value back to those tasks . . . oh, that’s a rant for another day.

If you’re not into marching for this cause, someday you’ll have a cause that you do want to support, and I’ll try to be there for it unless it directly contravenes my values and ethics. I am striving not to bubble myself in. I have friends who made all manner of decisions — except one; I don’t think any of my friends actually went so far as to vote for Mr Trump, and if they did they ain’t sayin’. So please don’t kick yourself too hard if you feel pressured, and if you don’t feel pressured then I hope you are having a happy Saturday.

What is my happy Saturday?

Right now, it’s laundry. You see I’m trying to take more of my fair share of chores back, now that I’m coming back into my right mind. Laundry and catboxes are doable things for me, so I am trying to do them more often. I’ve got a load to fold yet from the dryer that Mum actually had in; I’ve got a load to put into the dryer directly after I’m done folding. At some point, my blood sugar will inform me it’s time to do more than sip some Pepsi, so food prep will ensue.

I would like to write.
I would like to post this entry.
I would definitely like to see if there’s an Isles game tonight.

But for now I will fold my pillowcases and my fitted sheet. And transfer my bright/darks. And wait some more. I am practicing mindfulness. I am learning to be in my moment, not borrow trouble, just do what comes next.


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