and jupiter aligns with mars

On a whim, I checked out Safira Nygaard’s video about dressing according to your star sign. I saw a lot of myself in her outfit choices! Unfortunately, she’s a Cancer with Aquarius ascendant. I’m a double Pisces, Libra rising, and oh boy. Oh boy. This could get weird.

According to the video, it’s a toss-up as to whether you go with your rising sign or your birth sign. Your rising sign is supposed to represent your outward presentation, but a lot of your core is meant to be represented in your birth sign. No clue what having a sun and moon in the same sign says about that, of course.

Fine, Google. Let’s get it on. Several takes on what I’m supposed to wear, both as a Pisces and a Libra.

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where are my pants?

I will repeatedly say, to anyone who has vague suspicions, that I don’t count as a Christian. I mean, you’d be stretching the definition a long way. Sure, Jesus had some great ideas, but does that really mean I have to take the whole Bible as some divinely-inspired document? Can’t I just view it as a brilliant cross-section of cultural norms that applied at the time and might serve as some inspiration to those who really dig that culture?

So. Established. I am pretty darn heterodox and satisfied to be that way.

You’d never know it from my taste in clothing.

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