the laws have changed

Having taken a look at what I think of the Renunciate Oath, I need to examine what the reprehensible Breen made of it and how a fan adapted it. These bookend the short story collection Free Amazons of Darkover, edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley and written by many of “the Friends of Darkover”.

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a woman’s worth

I wonder if there’s a man alive who’d take on such a frugal little wife?

Picture me doing as I do now: watching local channels and the most basic cable, enjoying so much of my television online — through YouTube and Netflix. What money would it save just to get a good Internet connection? No fancy channels, just what we’d get over a decent antenna in the old days? We got by fine on far less when I was a girl. Hundreds of channels now and nothing’s on! But here I am content with simpler fare.

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