Odd But Necessary

Things I have needed to know in 2012:

1. Quinoa is pronounced “keen-wah”.
2. Some scents smell musty, like mildew, on your skin. Some scents just smell like mayonnaise (olive oil especially). Use that one bubble bath only if you’re not planning to leave the house again until morning.
3. If you run Grooveshark with too many tabs open, your mouse will lock up. Congratulations! You’ve overclocked your computer. Hope you remember the keyboard shortcut for “save”.
3b. Shift + F12. It’s Shift + F12.
4. Backups to the cloud: not a terrible idea.
4b. Backups to the cloud: TERRIFIC IDEA.
5. Handkerchiefs during colds: also not a terrible idea
6. A lady writes thank-you notes (D. Blasberg). My veterinarian deserves one for curing my cat.


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