Tarot, 25 Dec 2016, 9:45-10:30p Eastern

Layout: #27, Gypsy’s Magic Spell from Complete Book of Tarot Spreads
Deck: Scapini Medieval

1. This is you: Knight of Swords. Bravery. Skill. Capacity. The strength and dash of a young man. Heroic action. Opposition and war. Impetuous rush into the unknown without fear. The surrounding cards indicate the influences around the knight in his gallant pursuit.

2. This is your defense: Three of Swords. Disappointment. Strife. Removal. Dispersion. Diversion. Opposition. Sorrow. Absence.
This doesn’t make sense at first… until you realize that some of these are perfectly Slytherin traits, and that opposition is defense in a time when prevailing forces are not the most trustworthy. Being able to sorrow — being disappointed — not letting yourself go on as if nothing’s wrong.

3. This is what you are afraid of: Knight of Cups reversed. Subtlety. Artifice. Trickery. Fraud. A sly and cunning person. A person capable of swindling.
I fear that person in myself as much as in others. And I have others worth fearing.

4. This is what drives you: The Magician reversed.. Weakness of will. Ineptitude. Insecurity. Disquiet. Delay. Lack of imagination. The use of one’s skills for destructive ends. Willpower applied to evil ends.
Mine own willpower? Or someone else’s? My skills? My weakness, ineptitude? Or do I see these around me and act against them? But I must guard against them in myself. A Knight of Swords must be worth her name.

5. This is what you are left with: Temperance. Moderation. Temperance. Patience. Accomplishments through self-control and frugality. Accommodation. Harmony. The mixing or bringing together into perfect union. Management. Compatibility. Fusion. Adjustment. Good influence. Consolidation. Ability to utilize the material and intellectual manifestations available to oneself. Possibly a person without excessive tendencies. A well-liked, highly respected person. Confidence and placidity. Possibly being too temperate and moderate to achieve a goal presently out of reach.
Except for the last sentence, I know exactly who this woman is. I am to pattern myself after her, when all else is lost. I am to learn from her and not waver; I am not to water her influence down until I am palatable to my current world. For:

6. This is what the future will bring: The Falling Tower reversed. Continued oppression. Following old ways. Living in a rut. Inability to effect any worthwhile change. Entrapment in an unhappy situation. Imprisonment.
If I do nothing to change my future, this is what will continue. I have been living the Falling Tower reversed. No longer.

7. This is what brings you back down to the ground: Four of Swords. Respite. Rest after illness. Repose. Replenishment. Solitude. Exile. Retreat. Temporary seclusion. Abandonment.
It falls to me then to find my healing space, where I can discover the Knight of Swords within me. I must get my priorities straight; that may be read as some by abandonment. But it’s for now. It’s not forever. There’s something on the other side of this, mine to ride through. The flame in the dead of winter, tempering my steel.