how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya

Who lives, who dies, who tells our stories? We are young, but no, tomorrow isn’t a promise. Each of us has reason to understand that down to her core. This is how I put us both back in the narrative. This is how I avoid the ultimate mistake — which was not the duel, but the inability to ask this question:

My Alexander. What was it like in your shoes?

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i’ll join everyone

There are grey areas in nearly everything.

A friend was recently confused by my stance on last names. Yes, I did swear the Renunciates’ Oath, which means I’m not taking any man’s name and would in fact like to get out from under it. I could maybe become known as the daughter of my mother using an Old Norse byname. It wouldn’t be too clunky if I used her nickname. On the other hand, there are expectations of a woman in this society that mean I’d be answering endless questions — so I suspect I’ll compromise and just pluck a byname out of thin air.

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notes from a #bujo: mari watched it later

Now, I love me a good Plan With Me video as much as any other planner girl. I watched a young woman do a layout using a sticker kit designed to give you the same artistic flair as whoever first came up with that layout idea. Although I wondered where creativity entered the equation, hey, if it gave that woman something pretty and functional to stare at for a week, more power to her.

I also had, in my Watch Later stash, a video I thought was another “I’m Ditching Erin Condren Because Customer Service/Product Sucked This Year” tale of woe. Yeah, not so much.

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notes from a bujo: july

I discovered the need for some kind of planner way back in… at least October. I bought this clear binder, about A5 size, thinking “Yeah, I can rock this DIY thing.” And then I stopped. No idea what I was doing, no guidance. My friend Patrick was making it work, but he was using a system, and I wanted to go it alone! What was I thinking?

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