willkommen! bienvenue! …you get the idea

From Elen Woderose of the Industrious Barony of Thescorre, come greetings unto all who enter here. [switching hats] Hi, I’m Mari, and I’ll be your blogger this evening. What can I start you off with?


where are my pants?

I will repeatedly say, to anyone who has vague suspicions, that I don’t count as a Christian. I mean, you’d be stretching the definition a long way. Sure, Jesus had some great ideas, but does that really mean I have to take the whole Bible as some divinely-inspired document? Can’t I just view it as a brilliant cross-section of cultural norms that applied at the time and might serve as some inspiration to those who really dig that culture?

So. Established. I am pretty darn heterodox and satisfied to be that way.

You’d never know it from my taste in clothing.

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once upon another time

Found: one early bullet journal. I’d just turned fifteen, we did Romeo and Juliet that year. Bullet journals hadn’t been invented yet, but this was very much in the spirit of that. Notes, writing, diary entries, all of that is in there. I wrote that Mulder was a jerk — conclusion I formed after he left and came back. I made playlists, mostly fannish, and these I’m going to take out and save because I want the music. 🙂 I had something of an obsession with gel pens, too. I remember now I’d get in trouble for handing in assignments written in pastels.

I drafted the silliest things; well, what do you expect? Fifteen! Hormonal! Romantic! I wrote diary entries about Being (Un)Popular and I really didn’t trust people who wanted to be nice to me, did I? And I trusted people who were nice to me conditionally. I see when I had specific dreams that resulted in some interesting writing, which survives in print form, not digital. I was just as much a slacker as ever, but I had my proud moments, like the time I wrote an essay in half an hour during study hall and got full marks on it.

(Won’t this make entertaining reading someday?)

Yes, little me. Yes, it rather does.